January 5, 2019


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Robert Sherriff Author Poet Actor - Dirkbell - PLEASE BUY AUST AUST

It tells the story of Dirkbell, a squirrel and a family man who lives in a large oak tree. Dirkbell likes the easy life with his wife and young children. He scurries and collects food and has a very good squirrel life but Cooper the brown terrier is starting to become a problem.
Cooper is spending his days barking and disturbing all the neighbours in the woods. Dirkbell just can’t get any peace, so he decides to take matters into his own hands.
After consulting with his neighbours – the mice who run the bakery - Dirkbell discovers that Cooper is distressed because his wild behavior has driven his friend; Tom the cat away.
Dirkbell decides to help Copper and himself, and all the other residents of the wood by persuading Tom to come home. By convincing Cooper to value friendship and to be considerate of others, he unites cat and dog again and peace reigns in the woods.
Robert Sherriff
Robert Sherriff 2016
Australian - Actor-Poet Model-Singer Historian
Part of Wolf Creek TV series 2015
Part of Movie 'Maurice’s Symphony’ 2015
Australian Copyright Act 1968
Motivation Speaker
Movie - Snuff 2016
Movie - CULT 2016
Movie - Time of Zoe 2016
Movie - “ZOE – A ZOMBIE SHORT” 2017
Singer old songs
Still (Model) Photo Shoot SA Health Robert Sherriff 0466246021